Recurrence email notification based on 2 or more sharepoint list value

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Hi All,


I am trying to run a flow based existing sharepoint list:

- Send out recurrence email if sharepoint list column value (Status) is 'Under monitoring' or ' Work with restrictions'

- Other than the listed column values shall do nothing

- Purpose is to send out weekly updates to concerned personnel until status is 'finalized'


I've encountered with some issues (flow successful but did not receive any notification email).


1. An overview




2. Filter query 



3. HTML table (i've sent to automatic) and email



Would appreciate if anyone can help me out on this, thanks!


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Hi @Can_make_it 


Try using Send an email (V2) instead of the notification action. You'll get a better result.


I've noticed the notifications do get blocked after a while if too many notifications go out or if I was doing a lot of testing and likely appearing to be spam or something (these are my observation).


Email seems to work fine.


Cheers and best wishes


Hi Damien,

Thanks for the quick response. I've tried with Send an email (V2), same thing happened.
Flow successful but no emails.
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@Can_make_it Your filter query is wrong, you've got it as Status eq 'Work with restrictions' and Status eq 'Under monitoring'. You need to use or


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