Record responses from Form to SharePoint List & Apply Auto-Increment number

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I have spent a couple of days trawling through other conversations that are related to my query, but I can't find the answer I'm looking for.

I have a decent amount of experience with SharePoint and have set up some simple flows but this is the first time I've attempted something complicated and I'm hoping there's a simple solution that I'm just not seeing...

I have a SharePoint List set up called "Improvement Register" that is used to manage improvements as part of our quality system. Suggested Improvements are submitted via a simple Form.

Initially, I set up an automated Flow to record responses from the Form to the List, which worked fine.

This is the Flow for reference:


Last step is an email notification to the management team that the item has been created.


In addition to this, each item (i.e. Suggestion) needs to be allocated a unique ID in the form of "IMPXXXX". I followed the instructions provided by @RobElliott  in this post: to set up the auto-increment number. This flow works fine when I add an item directly into the List via SharePoint. But, when an item is added through the Form, this flow doesn't work. 


I'm sure I'm missing a simple step to connect the two but I'm just not experienced enough with Flow to see it. Any assistance anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated!





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Hi Kerry (@kdrusetta), what does your flow look like for the second part, i.e. adding the increment number?


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Hi Rob (@RobElliott)


Here are screenshots of the increment number flow:



Here are the failed run details:





Is that helpful?





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For anyone that might be having the same problem, I found the solution. A very simple error on my part - I had not made the connection to the Increment list!

All working like a dream now :)