Re-using PowerApps

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The requirement was (and still is) to create a dashboard for a department allowing them to save documents and create list items, all with validation and other artefacts - Once done, the entire solution to be templated so it can be cloned for other departments. It was thought the cloning can occur through PowerAutomate / PowerShell.


To solve the above, a site has been created and customisation added by creating a canvas PowerApp with several SharePoint data sources. These data sources are hooked up to several libraries and lists in a single MS Teams SharePoint site.


How is it possible to template this solution ? - As several sites require to be created, does this also mean I need to create one app per site also  or when an app is created, can it be re-used ? My concern is that the app is now tied into the site and because it is tied into a site, I will need to create an app for every site  and I would end up with a lot of maintenance.


Any ideas welcome.




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