"Instant-from blank" created flow does not display in launch menu

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Hi, i want to create a manually triggered flow.  The user will select a file from a library and select the workflow to start from the flow launch menu.  The manual triggered workflow does not display in launch menu, however flows created from Microsoft templates display.  Please advise


Steps to replicate:

1. On a library create a flow

2. Select type "Instant-from blank" and give it a name Ex: Set permissions

3. Configure and save flow

4. Go back to library and click on the library Flow menu or select an item, open the item menu, click on the flow menu, the flow "Set permissions" is not displayed in the launch menu.

5. However, if I create another flow based on the Approval template (Ex:Request manager approval for a selected file), it displays on the launch menu fine

Ex1: All my flows


Ex2 : Launch panel does not display missing Set permissions flow



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Hello @aphamer,


Did you set the Flow owner to the site and library?



I hope this helps.



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Hi @aphamer 


The manual triggered workflow won't show up in launch menu.

You need to change the trigger to "For a selected item"