"Component Library" link is missing

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I want to create a component library to define the layout and menu for our power apps... now when i went to the Apps link i could not the "Component Library" link, as follow:-





while on Microsoft docs @  they mentioned that we should find this link





any advice?

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@john john Microsoft Power Apps team recently made some changes to portal UI.


Component libraries are now moved under ...More Discover All 

ganeshsanap_0-1697435018935.pngOn Discover page, you can find it under App enhancements section. You can also pin the component libraries option to left navigation pane for easy access: 

ganeshsanap_1-1697435097892.pngDirect link to discover page is something like below (environment URL will be different for you):


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@ganeshsanap not sure why they did not update the docs accordingly.. 

@john john 


Microsoft Documentation may not be updated immediately after release of new features.


However, I have seen that Microsoft showed one popup (in purple color) related to moving component libraries under discover page when I logged in first time to Power Apps portal after this UI change released. 


Unfortunately, I did not take the screenshot so I cannot show it to you now.

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