Processing returned HTTP REST data

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I've used Power Automate (actually it was written in Microsoft Flow) for a few things, but I think I need some help on how to handle HTTP requests.


tl;dr: How to I 'extract' variables from a returned HTTP response?  (Got back a JSON object, how do I parse for a single variable to store?)


My overall process looks like this:

  • Trigger: Item added/edited in SharePoint List <-- Got this
  • Filter for things that have already processed <-- Got this
  • Take one of the fields and make a REST call to a web property (non-Microsoft) <-- Got this
  • Get back a JSON blob containing a bunch of information, but specifically, I want a single entry (call it 'UserID') <-- Lost here
  • Store UserID in a variable. <-- Pretty sure I got this part
  • Use UserID to perform another REST call to the same web property <-- Still lost
  • Extract information from that returned JSON blob and update the SharePoint list item. <-- Pretty sure I got this part.

If there's any resource that would be helpful, just point me in the right direction.


Note: I can do the REST stuff in PowerShell using the `Invoke-RestMethod` function, but I don't want to rely on someone running a script to do this if at all possible.

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