Problem with recording an audio from PowerApps and saving it to a Sharepoint list

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Hello everyone!


I've been having this problem for weeks, I made a flow where the audio that is recorded from the powerapps is saved in a sharepoint list. And it is done without problems !! But the detail is that it only does it if I do it from a web platform. From a mobile device or tablet, it does not do it and in the flow it throws me the error "Cannot process the template language expressions in the inputs of the action" Create_file "in line" 1 "and column" 7824 " : "The template language function" base64ToBinary "was invoked with a parameter that is not valid. The value cannot be decoded from a base64 representation ".


I have tried disconnecting and reconnecting the flow and nothing happens, recreating from 0 the flow is not fixed either. Any suggestions or something that I am overlooking to make it work from mobile devices?


Thank you!

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