Problem triggering on a on-premise list that has a lookup field

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I have a on-premise SharePoint site and am trying to migrate my Sharepoint Designer 2010 Workflow to Microsoft Power Automate and am encountering a problem on the trigger.  


The list has a lookup field called LogID that is a lookup to another list on my site.   When the Flow triggers, I get an error "Could not retrieve values.  The dynamic invocation request failed with error: {"Message":"Views are not supported when using this with the On-Premises Data Gateway"}


The detailed error message says:

{"status": 400, "message": "The field 'LogID' is not supported in query.  The lookup list does not exist"}


Screenshot 2020-10-01 094440.pngScreenshot 2020-10-01 094511.png

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Hey @eshen31 , so whats your question? I guess, your LogID is the main error on this view issue. Can you trigger the flow without a certain view? Greets, Eva.

@Eva Vogel 

My initial concern was that Power Automate Flow had problems triggering on a SharePoint list that had a lookup to another list using a Data Gateway to an on-premise site.  I was asking if others had seen the problem.


However, I was able to successfully create a Power Automate Flow to trigger on a list with a lookup using a Data Gateway for a different on-premise SharePoint site.  So I suspect the account associated with the problematic Data Gateway does not have permissions to access the SharePoint list that is being looked up.   I'm working a client who is the one that created the Power Automate Flow so I need to hear back from her if it is indeed a permission problem.


Hello @eshen31 ,

if there is a permission problem and you are the author of the flow and of the SharePoint List, you can work with 2 other actions in cooperation: 

1) stop sharing  - this action deletes all permissions

2) grant access - this action sets the combination of permissions you would like to install.


This is a perfect way to deal with inconsistent sharing situations with lists and libraries, when it is unclear who actually gets what to see...

If it works, give a LIKE,


Greets, Eva.

Thanks for the advice. Once my client confirms it's a permission problem, I'll have her grant access. It was intentional to have the lookup list have unique permissions. There is information there that they only wanted a subset of users to have access.
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I confirmed it was a permission issue. Once I gave the account used for the gateway permission was given permission to the lookup list, the flow worked.