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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to create a Flow to approve the creation of new files on the root folder of a SharePoint library. 

The idea here is to send an e-mail for the admins to approve any creation on the selected folder, and if it is rejected, move the content to a "Reject" folder. 


Here's the problem: Whenever a folder is created containing files inside of it, an e-mail is sent for every file: if there are 5 file on it, 5 e-mails are sent along the approval of the folder, even though I setted the flow to only do this on the Root folder. 




Does anyone know how to fix it, or have another solution to prevent creation on the root folder of a SharePoint library? (Manually changing the permissions to read only won't solve the problem)


Any return will be appreciated! Thanks in advance.


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@Saulotferraz I am using permissions to prevent the creation of items inside my root folder. I would like to hear a solution for this scenario that uses Power Automate. An alert to every file is not acceptable.