PowerApps TextSearchBox element and lists columns issue

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I've tried to create a PowerApp with a TextSearchBox which is used to filter a Gallery.
In this gallery I use the data from a SharePoint list.
I use this code into the gallery : 


Title and field_3 are strings columns.

When I search a word into Title, the results are good.
When I search a word into field_3, the results are wrong, sometimes.For instance for these 3 list entries :

  • demande de service
  • demande de pole
  • dimande de test 

The entry "dimande de test" is displayed if I search "test" but not on a search on "dimande".

The entry "demande de service" is displayed if I search "demande" but not on a search on "service".
The entry "demande de pole" is never displayed nor on "demande" nor on "pole".


Do you know why?


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Solved, the field to use is the field_4.

Someone is able to tell me why it's field_4 for this column which is ordered as 3 ?

@Benjamin_GL Power Apps Search function uses the internal name of your SharePoint list columns.


You can get the internal name of your column by following this article and use it in your formula: How to find the Internal name of columns in SharePoint Online?

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