PowerApps SharePoint list customization adds e= and pa= parameters to dispform url. What is 'e='?


After doing PowerApps form customizing to a custom list I get the following URL when looking at an item's Title field URL to it's view form: ../Henningstestsite/Lists/InternalVacancies/DispForm.aspx?ID=3&pa=1&e=0lMoSf. I see I can still get the display form working fine without the e= part and I am wondering what it does? It varies for each item, so if I am going to dynamically create this link by code or using Flow I need to know if it is needed and how to get hold of it.


The reason for me needing this is because I want to use classic list views (in order to use list filter web parts that don't exist for modern), and still be able to link each item to the new PowerApps dispform. For this I created a new Hyperlink column on the list and want to create the link to the form by using a update list action in Flow.


(The pa=1 part is the same for all items and I take it that it means: use PowerApps No. 1 form/app.) 

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