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Is there a better way to refresh PowerApps? I am not seeing a refresh option within the PowerApp interface, the only refresh option I can find is in the browser itself. 


While building a new app, we had to make an update to a SP list used by the app. However, the app in use didn't reflect the change real-time. To 'refresh' the app so that it picked-up the change, we had to: close the app, refresh the browser running PowerApps, confirm that we're reloading the browser page, this takes us back to the main screen of PowerApps, so then we navigate to the Open menu, then we can re-open the app & run the app again.


Is there an easier way to pick up a change like this? This just seems like an awful lot of excessive clicking just to refresh the app. 



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Hi @Kateraid,


You can use the Refresh function. It's not uncommon to include the Refresh function in multiple places within a PowerApp. I.e. "Refresh" button, form view, navigate etc.


I hope this helps.



Thanks, @Norman Young. I'm sure this will be helpful. However, I'm actually talking about a way to refresh the PowerApp interface as I am building a PowerApp, not necessarily to refresh the PowerApp itself when it's in use by a user. Do you know how a PowerApp developer can refresh the PowerApp interface? The use case for this is when the developer is building a PowerApp (not when using the PowerApp). 


Thanks again!! 

Hi @Kateraid,


Depends on the location of the PowerApp.


If you have updated the default list form, edit an entry and select "Customize with PowerApps".



All other PowerApps can be open from Office 365 > PowerApps > Apps.



I hope this helps.



Thanks @Norman Young. We're using it from Office 365 > PowerApps > Apps. Within this interface we don't see a way to refresh the PowerApp to pick up changes made to a corresponding SP list. The only refresh option is in the internet browser. Do you know if there is a refresh option here? ...or are we limited to using only the browser's refresh option? 

Hi @Kateraid,


Now I understand your question!


Within PowerApps, select your data control and then click Fields. See image below.


I hope this helps.




@Norman Young Thank you so much for your help!!

Glad it worked!

@Kateraid  Hi am also facing the same issue as PowerApps screen not updating live data from SP list we refresh it from browser .please guide me if you found any latest solution .thank you


it worked for us using Norman Young's solution in the thread above

@Manjupatil130270 you can refresh the data source by going to data in the left rail, clicking the 3 dots next to the data source you want to refresh and clicking Refresh.




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@RobElliott  Thanks for your response actually am looking for Solutions to refresh the PowerApps screen itself when it's in use by a user without pressing browser refresh button or F5 button please guide if you have any solution to it.