PowerApps per user licenses and Common data service storage pool (file storage to be specific)

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Hi Folks, 


Our CDS file storage in the PowerApps dashboard shows exhausted even though we have purchased 100 units from the "PowerApps Per User Plan" SKU. The CDS storage eligibilities are not reflected in the admin center. Is there a way of assigning them ? I do not see any options in the PowerApps admin center for that. 


However, we still can create new "Entities" in CDS without an issue. 


Any ideas are really appreciated ! I just want to get rid of the exhausted figure of "File Storage" in the dashboard. 




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Apparently, the file storage did not cause any barriers for us creating a new environment or dealing with CDS entities. Managed to provision a new environment and work on it without any issue and Microsoft Support confirmed the same (at least at this stage).