PowerApps Meeting Capture Template OneNote Export Error

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I created a new PowerApp using the Meeting Capture template. When I get to the export screen, I keep getting this error.

meeting notes app UserV2 error.PNG

Even with this error, I am still able to export to OneNote but I want to get rid of this error.

So I open this app in PowerApps, launch it, join a meeting, and about to click export button.  Then I close preview and I notice there is a Runtime error related to OneNote located on the "ExportScreen".

ONENOTE ERROR meeting capture ExportScrn.PNG


Below are the connections for meeting capture which appear to be working fine.

meeting capture almost there 4 connections 2.PNG

Below are the Office 365 versions.

Office 365 Plan decsription.PNG

Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.

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Anyone know how to resolve this issue? Recommendations appreciated.