PowerApps is not fitting to screen on pc

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Hi all. All my PowerApps is suddenly not fitting the screens to the PC. As far as I can see it fits the screen to phones and tablets, but on the PC, it looks like s...


As you can see from the screenshot the PC, now the users has to scroll to see the buttons in the bottom of the screens. In prewiev everything looks okay, and the size is set to standard. I have not changed a bit in the app settings, and not made any changes to the apps, so I really don´t know what has happened. has any one of you seen anything like this?




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Done a bit more investigations, and it seems that the problem occures in Chrome. Anyone heard of that?
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Yup been a problem like that for awhile in Chrome Actually, seems to do it when in fullscreen. Anyway, stripping the Navbar is what I've been doing to get around it, which will always make it fit properly. You can do that by adding &hidenavbar=true to the end of the URL linking to the App.

You could also zoom out to 75% for a similar effect.


Just Ctrl + scroll down on your mouse.