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Greetings everyone -


I am fairly new to Powerapps and require your assistance.  Please bear with me if I ask too many questions as I am trying to understand and learn at the same time.   


I created a Powerapps form with a Gallery that pulls a Sharepoint calendar list of events.   However on the gallery, I would like to have Powerapps automatically drop the events that has passed.  How do I go about doing so?  


Thank you in advance for your assistance.  

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That's a hard question due to delegation and SharePoint not being able to support date delegation yet. As long as you have less than 2000, you don't have to worry about it, or if you don't plan to pass 2000 events in the next year or so until they support dates (Might be sooner) just throwing it out there you should be good.

That said, in the Items property of your gallery, you need to use a Filter command to filter your datasource.

It's formatting is like Filter('sharepoint list', 'Start Date column name' > Today()) should filter everything that is older than today out.

Start Date column should just auto type ahead as you start typing so find it in the list since formatting could be tricky.
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Also, this isn't they best place for PowerApps help, it's a redundant forum, that isn't very active. All the Official Microsoft and MVP's and community hangs out on their official forums here:
So going forward you might want to go there for your searching and questions etc!

@Chris Webb - thank you for your assistance and guidance.  I will take note of the forum address and utilize that for future questions or research.  


Thank you!