PowerApp URL parameter does not refresh in app

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Hey guys,


I have an app which utilizes a URL parameter in order to allow pictures to be send to the correct SharePoint library folder. 

In short, when a project folder is created within a specific document library on the SharePoint, the PM receives a notification with a link to app. At the end of the URL I have &PID="xxxxx". I've adjusted the app to work if it's not open through a notification URL, however when a user opens a URL with a diffrent PID value and did not close the app fully the last time they used it, it keeps the old parameter value in the app. That results in pictures being uploaded in the wrong folder.


I've searched the web for soblutions to this but was unable to find one.

Does anybody happen to know how to fix this as it's the only details that stands between us having an app that works perfectly for us?

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