Power automate update sharepoint properties locked file issue

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We have developed a Power Automate document approval workflow running on a document library.

However, the workflow is unable to update any of the document properties through the SharePoint connector "Update file properties".


This is because the document is opened by the authors/ reviewers etc while the workflow is running.


A separate "on document creation" Power automate workflow that updates document properties (e.g. pre-populates manager) doesn't work either as when the user clicks on new it by default opens the document.


This locking of the file was never an issue with previous SharePoint versions (e.g. using SharePoint Designer workflows).


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Try to check-out the document and then try to update the properties, before that you have to verify whether the document is in checked-in or checked-out status, based on that you have to proceed with the check-out and update actions.
Please enable the document check-in and check-out feature to achieve the above. It is best for all the users to check-out and then modify the document, it can help the users in many ways and also the version history with comments is best for them to verify what changed in the document. Also helpful in easy recovery of the old document based on the comments and version history.

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