Power Automate RSS: forbids incoming requests


Hi everyone


The "RSS" Action gives - in combination with a SharePoint Online Document Library - the following error:

  "status": 403,
  "message": "The underlying RSS server forbids incoming requests.\r\nclientRequestId: bd3dc8eb-c8ef-438a-80c7-32222c04dd44",
  "error": {
    "message": "The underlying RSS server forbids incoming requests."
  "source": "rss-ne.azconn-ne.p.azurewebsites.net"

Settings in Power Automate:

2020-09-14 08_06_03-Window.png


Site Settings in the SharePoint Online Team Site

2020-09-14 08_07_39-Window.png


Library Settings:

2020-09-14 08_09_03-Window.png


does anyone know why the problem occurs or can anyone confirm the problem?


Regards, Simuuh

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