power automate cloud flow to copy sharepoint files to blob storage (w/o file creation trigger)

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I'm relatively new to power automate but this is my scenario here. I have files that get uploaded to a folder in SharePoint that I need to copy to Azure blob storage. I've created an automated flow using the steps described here - https://www.c-sharpcorner.com/article/copy-files-from-sharepoint-to-an-azure-blob-storage-using-micr... . The flow works as aspected when I tested out with the sample file

But I have a few questions/scenarios here where I'm unsure of if my flow works.

1) If the user creates an empty file and later copies another file with the same filename I think this doesn't work as the trigger is only for when the file is created. What should be the trigger I use for this?

2) Is there a way to copy the already existing Sharepoint files like looping through the file and copying them into azure blob instead of a trigger. If power automate doesn't have this does logic apps does this job?

3) In the template I selected the action on azure blob was to create a file. Check clip1 in attachments. However I didn't see this when I was manually creating this step instead of selecting a template as in clip2. I've had all the actions of the blob under the premium tag. Why is this?


Any inputs or suggestions would be helpful for this. 


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