Power Apps with Power Automate flow to add Calendar event

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Hello all,

I am just learning how to use all the Microsoft Power 'stuff'.  I followed an online guide to create a vacation request Power App with the data stored in a Sharepoint List.  That part is working great.  It also notifies the user's manager of the request with approval.  The guide I followed is here.  I am trying to take it one step more by adding a calendar event on the submitter's calendar with the vacation request.  After some digging it seems like the best way is to use a "Get calendars (V2)" block.  The array that is generated from that is then filtered in a for each to look for the "Calendar" calendar and then create the event on that calendar.  Everything with the creation of the event works.


The problem I am having is no matter the user who submits the request, the calendar event ALWAYS ends up on my calendar, not theirs.  







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The problem you have is your flow is running in the context of you. As it’s running as you, you don’t have permission on the end users calendar to create an event.

I have been able to add events to users calendars but done it within the power app as that’s ran in the user context, but I didn’t need to have an approval step, so I had the user book a session in the app, it add the session to their calendar, then write that data to SharePoint. My flow then just scanned for new items created in SharePoint to send them a confirmation email.

I’ll have a play with having the power app handoff to flow, let flow handle the approval then see what the flow can hand back to the power app. Not sure it will work but worth a try