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Hi everyone, 

We developed a power app for users in our organization to subscribe to various events. When they select an event, they receive a calendar invite. We created a service account through with these emails invites are sent and used Office 365 outlook connector in power apps. However, the problem arises when we share this app with other users. Power App prompts them to sign in with their own user than using the service account. Is there a way we could let users use the Power App without having to authenticate using their own user ( and use the service account itself ? ) . 

Any pointers here ?

Thank you!

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Not that I am aware of. Instead of sending the email directly you can setup a SharePoint list to save the “emails” to then have a flow pick them up that runs as the system account using the “when a new item is created” trigger. Then send email using the data from the list item then removing it if you don’t want people finding them in the list.