Power App - Changing Data Source on Existing App

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Hi, all. Seeking some advice on changing an app's data source after the app is up and running. We have a SharePoint list that is connected to a Power App. From time to time, our plan changes and the underlying sharepoint list needs to be updated. I have been going in and manually updating the sharepoint list - this is time consuming and prone to error.


Is there a way I could upload from excel our new plan into sharepoint list and reconnect the app to the new, updated data source? Will this screw up the power app ID's that are always applied?


Is there a better way to update the sharepoint list when our plan changes?


Thanks, in advance, for any help.



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@slohombre It depends on a PowerApps type. If you use PowerApps for SharePoint form customization, I think that it's not possible. But if you have a standalone application, and you want to switch between lists with the same name and structure (column names and types), but on different webs, there is a way. You can remove the connector definition from the app and add new to the second location. Make application backup before this step, of course.