Post message to new channel - ChannelID does not exist

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Hello Everyone,


I have a requirement to create a channel at runtime dynamically and then once it is successful, post a message to the newly created channel using the Flow.


I have added two steps to handle this scenario and in second step i configured it to be executed after the success of channel creation & also set it to be synchronous operation.


Still, i get the below error - Can anyone suggest the possible solution for this issue.



  "error": {


    "message""channelId needs to be a valid GUID.\r\nParameter name: channelId",

    "innerError": {








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I created test Flow to try this out and it worked fine for me. My Flow created a channel called "TestJeff" and then posted the msg "Test Channel Creation" in the newly created "TestJeff" channel. Here is how my Flow was set-up. I hope this helps.



Hello Jeffrey,


Thanks for the quick reply.


May i know how the Id of the new channel is being captured and used in the second step. I am taking the name of the channel from PowerApp form as shown below (attached) - 





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I am able to take the ID of newly created channel. Thanks a lot for your suggestion.



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