Possible to start a Powerapp Form with a manual Flow?


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Does anyone know if its possible to manual start a Flow from a document library when a document is selected to start an Powerapp Form on a list (same site collection) to fill in the columns in that list (and where some of the list fields are populated automaticly from the document columns, like ID and date created?



I have tried many things but they all don't seem to work.



Hope to get some tips!



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Might need a little bit better explanation of the goal here, I'm kind of confused of the ask :).

Haha ok, i can understand that its a bit vague.


Document Library  - Document A

List -


The goal is that i can select one of the documents in the library (Per Example Document A) en than can add a (Newform initation for the list) Listitem with some of the listcolumns filled with the document properties.


I can ofc just start a new item on the list, but i want that some fields are pre poluated, thats the whole issue 

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You would probably want to look into creating a custom powerapp form on the list instead of using flow. On that list powerapp form, have a selection mechanism at the top where you can search for and get the data from the document library that you can select the document A then provide those values from that selection to the list form, complete the list form, then submit it.

Not a straight forward enough for me to just say do x y z, but it shouldn't take too much learning that you can't turn it around quickly to get your desired results.

Shane Young has some really good video's about working with PowerApps on YouTube that I highly recommend:

Thanks good idea, ill do that and report back here!