Populating Dropdown From a SPO Doc Library PLUS Adding a "Select a File" First Item

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I am able to successfully populate a PowerApps drop down menu with the file names from a SPO document library. However, the drop down menu is pre-populated with the name of the first file. I want to add a blank first item that says "Select a File".  I set the dropdown menu's AllowEmptySelection property to TRUE so this created a blank first item, however I'm not sure how to add text to the first item.


Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.

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When you select the drop down there should be a "DefaultSelectedItems" property or something like that. Just make that equal "" or leave it blank, it should not populate by default.

@Chris Webb Thanks for the response! Unfortunately there is not a "DefaultSelectedItems" property. However, there is a "Default" property which if I set to "Select a File", it still appears as blank in the first item in dropdown when app loads.

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Your crawling down a rabbit hole trying to add values to the drop down instead of utilizing form / field validation methods in order for someone to pick values.

What might be better is a combo of that, if you look at the InputTextPlaceholder property, this is that light text in the drop down before clicking on it, you can add what you need there. Then you can have a label, show up above the column or something that shows unless the dropdown has a selecteditem etc.

But adding actual values to the drop down is something you really don't want to mess with :).
Understood. Thanks so much for the info!