Populate a Microsoft Word template with information from specific row in SharePoint list

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I am relatively new in Power Automate and I am trying to create new flows.


I have SharePoint List with lost of items.

Then I have form in Sharepoint with one question "ID ?".


(Sorry for Czech language in this screen)


I created a flow:




When I fill out the form, for example with ID 3, then the flow will start. And what I need from this flow is to insert row number 3 (ID of the row is 3) into the document with all information in that row.


Creating the document is working. I tested that. But I do not know how to insert only information from the specific row into document.


Can you please someone give me advice ? I tried something but nothing worked.


I appreciate any help :-).

Thank you and have a nice evening,


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there is the straightforward way how to do that. In Get Items step, click on "Show advanced option" and then, you must fill 

  • Filter query - to get item with specific ID you must use query: ID eq intVariable (this variable you must get from the form response)
  • Top Count - it's a good idea limit number of responses, in this example set count to 1.

More info about filtering you can found at In-depth analysis into 'Get items' and 'Get files' SharePoint actions for flows in Power Automate | ....

Hello @ZdenekHavel 


Thank you for the reply.

I did like you said:




But there is always error:


Link for error.


Any idea what that might be ?


Thank you,

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Hello @StandaK 


Filter query must be like this:

ID eq IDVariable




@ZdenekHavel @StandaK and the dynamic content in the filter query must have single apostrophes before and after it:



The operators in a filter query are:
eq = equals
ne = not equals
gt  = greater than
ge = greater than or equals
lt = less than
le = less than or equals


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Hello @RobElliott and @ZdenekHavel 


Thank you both for your help and information. It is working now.


To bad I can not mark both of your answers as the best answer :-).


Thanks again and wish you the best Christmas ;-).

@StandaK  do bear in mind that @ZdenekHavel 's answer was actually incorrect since the apostrophes were omitted :lol:


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You are true about that but he was the first who wanted to help and gave me a direction, which was also important :smile:.


And two other things..

  1. It is Christmas so lets give credit to both of you :smile:
  2. And based on his name I think we are neighbors (same country) :lol:


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