Pop-up notification in Power Apps

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Hi all,


I have been asked to look at PowerApps to develop something that provides a desktop pop-up alert.


Basically the idea is this - an incoming call will come into Teams. Something will grab the call info using the GraphAPI (Power Automate?), and trigger a pop-up in PowerApps. The user then goes into Teams to answer the call.


Does Power Apps sound like the right application to do this with? Ideally, I'd like some kind of system tray alert, but I don't think that's possible. I'm not sure how a pop-up would work in a desktop Power App.


Any pointers would be appreciated.

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Powerapps doesn't have any system type hooks to accomplish this. There also isn't any triggers to use for incoming calls for Teams either to utilize Power Automate / PowerApps so your options are limited. And to my knowledge I don't think calling API has been release for Teams to create custom apps for it either, but that is where you'll have to look into is utilizing Teams API's in order to mess with calls in Teams and interact with the system itself in any way. Power Automate doesn't have that capability outside or push notifications on mobile app etc.