Open ports for Powerapps?

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Does anyone know if there is any documentation related to what Ports that need to be opened to get Powerapps authoring to work?


And if there is any other network changes that need to be made for it to function great.


It seems like Port 44300 need to be opened for it to work, but i would like some official documentation regarding this so i can relay it to my network team with more info than "open it please"  :)



For reference i get redirected to this site when trying to create a new powerapps view on a modern sharepoint list . so on



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Below link may help you if your are using "On-premises data gateways for Microsoft PowerApps"


If your organization allowing (SharePoint online) then PowerApps will work without any issue. Still you have issue to open the PowerApps designer, ask network team to open 44300 then test it. 


We may get the good documentation in future from MS. 

Have you tried? Any updates on this?

Hey. Yeah ive tried with 44300 open, and powerapps web studio works good now.


Powerapps Studio (Universal App) worked before opening said port. 


Thanks for the help . Would still like to have some documentation, but i get that its early days :)