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We have our new SharePoint site working well, and on the landing page, we have a NEWS web part.

When someone (only 2 people can) adds a new item to the news, I would like to send a notification to a teams group, telling them this has been done. Thus keeping them interested and coming back to the site. This would ideally need to work for a 'page' news item or a 'link' news item.

I can not find a template, and can not find the elements to make this flow.

Can somebody help guide me in the right direction?

Many thanks in advance

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Hi @DeveloperCYT 


You could try setting up a flow using When a file is created (properties only) as a trigger.




Point it to Site Pages > SitePages and any new pages created should trigger the flow (Site pages will need to be a custom value).


I've also included a connector for sending the message to a channel in Teams (you can set the subject under Show advanced options).




Note that with this method the message gets posted quickly and may come out with the temporary page name instead of the final one as I have used Link to item.


If all you want them to do is be notified of a new update, you can leave out Link to item and simply have the message go up with a link to your SharePoint site.


Hope this makes sense? See how you go and let me know if this works for you?




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Hi again @DeveloperCYT 


Just had a think about refining it a bit more so here's something to try if you are only looking for news items:




This way if you create regular pages, it can ignore them via the condition and only pick up on News pages.




Thanks for this, much appreciated @Damien Rosario 

Happy to help, @DeveloperCYT.


Best wishes!


Can a flow be setup so that the notification is only sent to site followers?