No result searching for folder with rest in cloud flow

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Hi all


I have a, in my opinion, strange problem. I´m trying to find a folder in SharePoint with a rest call in a cloud flow. When I run the flow the rest call does not find anything, but when I use the site address and uri from the call directly in the browser, everything works fine.


The rest call and the flow are working in my development environment but not in production


Any ideas?


Kind regards


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So, I found a solution

When using filter on the rest call, ContentType did not work. When I removed it everything worked.

Changed: "filter=ContentType eq 'Folder' and substringof('@{variables('[Prev Quarter]')}',Title)"

To: "filter=substringof('@{variables('[Prev Quarter File Prefix]')}',Title)"

There is still something we need to look at, since "ContentType" is working in our development environment but not i production.