New Trigger Conditions for Flow!

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Microsoft Flow triggers now have a built-in condition checker (in the settings). Now in only 1 step, you can set a condition for a specific column, so that the trigger only fires when the condition is met! We wanted newer Flow makers to be able to leverage this new feature too, so here is a video that shows offr the new feature, with the bonus of a few extra tips for newer makers with minimal experience with expressions.




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Thanks! This is huge gap that we used to use all the time in SharePoint designer flows that has now been filled! Thanks for letting us know about it!

@Audrie Gordon This is great, thank you! 


I have a question regarding the trigger. I want to be able to trigger a flow when a specific column is modified in anyway, what is the trigger condition for that? Is it something like "@onChange("?

@Audrie Gordon I have the same question as @JodyClaggett985 . Can you provide any clarification on how to make a trigger link to a specific column being modified?



@Audrie Gordon 


Finally, Very good! 


Thx for sharing.

Here you guys go. Only current way to do this is utilizing an HTTP request call to get a columns previous value, then act based on the change.

Excellent, thanks @Chris Webb !