Multiple Forms in Power apps

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Im trying to create an app that uses 3 forms. Each one is on a different screen. 

Submitted Forms (screen) to a Gallery where they click on the form and use a navigation arrow to a Verbal form (blank form that opens to an edit screen to update in a Sharepoint list). Then in the Gallery screen an icon to a Details form (blank form that opens to edit screen to be updated to a Sharepoint list) an Icon to a Notes Page and an Icon back to the Submitted form incase it needs to be updated. 


Is this too much!! is this even possible?


I cant seem to get the second form to show up. I added it in and when I go to test it say no data. but it is on the screen and I can see it when I am creating it. Am i missing something? I have been watching videos and reading articles but I cant seem to figure it out. I am new to this, am I missing some small step?
Please help 

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Hi @AndreaG729 - you may want to try posting this on the Power Apps Community forum:


Currently, this scenario will not work if you have both forms set to the same data source (it should work if you have it set to different data sources, please let me know if this is not the case). When you submit the first form, the data source is refreshed, which causes the item in the second form to be refreshed as well - and the changes that you made are lost.

If you have the Item property of both forms set to the same record, then that's expected. If you make changes in one of the forms we do want to update that record everywhere in the app so that it contains the latest changes from the server.

Even if you have the two forms with different records, it's possible that the change in one of the records will cause a change in the other record (e.g., in a SQL trigger operation), so PowerApps takes the "safe" approach and updates all records bound to that data source in the application, which is why the second form "loses" the changes and therefore there's nothing to be submitted.

@Lewis-H Thank you for responding,
I am using Sharepoint as a Datasource but they are different list. would that be considered the same? (wishfully hoping that it is not)