Multiple Approvers (Groups? Array?)

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Hi all,


I have a basic flow setup for an approval. However each division has it's own list of approvers (i.e it might or might not be their direct manager).


I've a feeling I can't use a security group for these (if user is finance then use That anyone/all from this group can approve?


Can I setup a variable for this? Can you create an array and called it "Finance Approvers" and populate the assigned to field with this array? I don't want to spend too much time maintaining this though.


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You could create Azure AD security groups and then use the Get Member action to pull users from that group, you could then create an array variable and append your group users to that and assign it to the approval step that way.



@NeverHere I don't get it - it seems PowerAutomate is somehow validating the accounts. I am using a string with a valid sharepoint address. Although it should work, according this post I always get an error message: