Multi-step flow not working

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I am having one heck of a time getting a multi-step flow to work for me. Basically, I need my Flow to watch my email for emails with subject containing, "Report #103617865 : "CMP_ContentDomains"". This email arrives daily containing either a CSV or a Zip file. I originally set up the flow to download the attachment to a specific folder in OneDrive, then Upzip the Zip file. These steps work so far. If the attachment is just a CSV is drops it into my OneDrive Folder as well (works). What I can't get to work is the next step... I need the Unzipped CSV to push to a specific folder in SharePoint. 

This is what the current flow setup looks like... 

Current Flow_Top.PNGCurrent Flow_Bottom.PNG

Then I try to add the step to push the extracted file to SharePoint and it doesn't work. This is how I did it: 

Tried Flow_Bottom.PNG

I Get a fail on the SharePoint step:

Flow Fail top.PNGFlow Fail bottom.PNG

What am I doing wrong? And IS this even possible to fix?


Thanks so much!



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You need to save your zip file to one drive or sharepoint and then you can use flow to unzip using Extract Folder Action - Please see below example for one drive

Yeah. I had gotten it to work pushing the file to OneDrive then extracting. So, you're saying I should just push it straight to SharePoint & extract instead of making the extra step of going to OneDrive first then to SharePoint? 

Sometimes you overanalyze so much that the simple solution sitting right in front of you is completely invisible... 


Having Flow save the file onto SharePoint & Extract doesn't work. It saved it to SharePoint, but won't extract it.

Saved To SharePOint.PNG

Is there something I'm doing wrong on the Flow setup?