Moving items from one list to another creates multiple entries

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I setup a Flow that when a new list item is created, the flow creates a new item in the second list and copies the values from one to the next. The issue: if the new list entry has a column with multiple entries from a Choice column or a Managed Metadata column, it creates an entry for each variation.


Is there a way to concat the multiple selections into one string and paste them in the column? I tried creating variables outside the for each loops to consolidate the selections into one string, but was unsuccessful. This is the working Flow based on a Microsoft Template.

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Hi @dirkzwart,


Use an Array variable to store and format the Choice column lookup values.


Here is my sample Flow:



The "Append to array" variable is not an expression. It is simply the formatting required to pass it into the "Create item step".



Let me know if that works for you.


I hope this helps.




@stormin_30 Thank you Norm! This works and is much easier to manage.