Missing columns in "Get changes for an item or a file"

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Hi all,


I'm trying to trigger a flow when the OOTB 'approval' process sets a document to 'Approved'.   I've got a flow that triggers on file changes (it's a doclibrary) and that's fine, but the column for 'Approval Status' just doesn't appear in the list of changed columns in the 'Get Changes for an item or a file' flow. :(


Any ideas?

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I shoudl also state I have 'include minor versions = yes' and the '#limit columns by view' set to 'unrestricted'.

Here's my flow:




@paulhaigh the action is showing the normal fields and is not missing anything. If you want to use any of the columns for a later action add a Compose action between the trigger and the get changes action.


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I did a test and I also do not see the approval status field available in the Has Column Changed set of available columns. It's tricky because in other areas, it's titled Content Approval Status, and of course the internal name of that column is actually ModerationStatus. See:

moderation status.png


I have a workflow that does not use the Get Changes method, but instead just puts a trigger condition on the first action "When a file is created or modified". The condition is:


trigger condition mod status.PNG


Maybe you could accomplish what you need this way?


@racrig Yes, I ended up doing something like that too, which works much better than a Get Change -> Condition anyway!