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I want to 'Distinct' a lookup column from 'list2' in a list ('list1') form to avoid the repetitive data showing. I did this:

made a dropdown/combobox/datacardvalue and use the code below:
Distinct('list1',lookup column)


but nothing showed on the powerapps form of my list1.

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Try distinct(list1,lookupcolumn.value)

nothings happend, actually I want to do it on list1 values to choose from not records.

@Soheilsd , try a combobox and set the items to Distinct('list1',ColumnNameHere).  This will create a single column table and the only column will be "Result"


If that isn't clear, try adding a button and set the OnSelect property to ClearCollect(col_Test,Distinct('list1',ColumnNameHere)) .  This will allow you to preview your col_Test under View-> Collections and will show you the first five rows of the collection.


Please post a screenshot if you're able and need further assistance. It will help immensely in understanding what you're seeing.