Is it possible for an admin to create a flow for users?


I would like to create a flow for specific email addresses that receive attachments with a specific text in the subject  so that the attachments are saved to a specific sharepoint folder? Can an admin do this for email addresses other than their own? Also for shared email addresses?



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Hi @madame206 


There is a trigger called When a new email arrives in a shared mailbox (V2) which can help you with monitoring and actioning emails to that box. This will require you to have permissions to that mailbox.


If you want to do this for an individuals mailbox, this can either be done from logging into the users Power Automate and building the flow there, or you could create the flow from your own account and share it with them, and then have the mailbox switched to them under Connections in use.


They could probably also Save As the shared flow which would then take their attributes as they would own the newly copied flow.


A few options to consider that I am aware of.


Hope that helps get some ideas going?




@Damien Rosario  Can the flow be set to only email senders from inside your organization? Can it also be from outside senders?

I am attempting to create a flow and it says " must start with an existing library add folders if needed" @Damien Rosario  What does this mean?

Hi @madame206 


Emails can be sent to anyone. Doesn't need to be internal only. The connector will work as a normal email would.


As to the second question, not sure what you are seeing. You should check out the triggers for Outlook to capture the emails that come in as a starting point.




See how you go?