i don't see I don't see "Customized with power app" form

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Hello everyone,
I am posting here because I am assuming that an O365 list is the same as a Sharepoint list.
I am trying to edit an O365 list form with power apps. This Form is saved but I cannot get it to be visible.

This are the taken steps:

  1. Click the Create +New Button



  1. Choose customize with power apps


  2. When customized, click Publisch


  3. Click



When I am back in List and click "+New" then I don't see the updated form.

When I return to Choose Customize with power apps, I see the updated form. So I am sure it is saved somewhere.


What extra step do i need to take to make the form visible when I click the +New button?






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I found the answer ....



@Lameyzep this seems to be a bug, as even after checking that "Use a custom form created in PowerApps" is selected in List settings -> Form settings and also doing lots of ctrl+r refreshes it is not being applied.


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