HTML Generated from Power Automate Requires Ctrl Click for Links

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I'm generating an HTML page from a Power Automate Flow and it includes links. They display just fine and when you mouse-over the link, the correct URL shows, but when you click you get basically a blank page. If you CTRL-click, you go to the file as anticipated. I tried using a target="_blank" tag in the <a> tag but that just seemed to disable going to the blank page with click. CTRL-Click still worked, but not a fix. 


Any ideas how to fix this? 

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@jknco Where do you generate HTML page? Are you generating hyperlinks using HTML in email body?


Can you show us the flow action you used for generating hyperlinks in HTML?

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How are you using the HTML?
For example, I have a flow that generates standard HTML, I use it in an Outlook Send Email v2 action, and it works as expected.
(When I say as expected, obviously Outlook 365 desktop continues to ignore most HTML styling CSS)