Hekpdesk dashboard from Sharepoint list

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I am in the middle of creating a complaints management system.

I have the different views:

  • All Items
  • Active
  • My Items
  • High Priority

What I need is a dashboard to show the total numbers, a bit like the one here:



How can I create this using powerapps? An help will be much appreciated.


Thank you in advance for your help.

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Hi @Mo_Islam,


The dashboard items are simply labels based on the counts of the different categories. You should be able to use the "Service Desk" sample code to reverse engineer what they did.


I hope this helps.



@Norman YoungThank you for this suggestion. I've had a go with your suggestion and come to two problems:

  1. Issue Tracking list cannot be added as a data source on Powerapps
  2. The alternative is to extract the data to an excel doc - but would you know if i leave this on the same server if there is a way for data to auto refresh even without opening?

Thank you


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Hi @Mo_Islam,


You could recreate the Issue Tracking app as a modern list and you will be good. 


I hope this helps.



Thank you Norman. I created another list which I am able to add as a data source to the Powerapps Canvas