having troubles getting other user to use my flow

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Hello everyone, I'm working on setting up an MS Flow to send an email when a new item is entered into a SharePoint list.

I initially set up the flow under my O365 account but my account does not have send-as permission for other accounts.

The flows go through when the send as field in the flow is blank (sends as me by default), but when I tell the flow to send the email as the person who entered the new item in the SharePoint list, it does not go through because I do not have send as permissions.

I have tried sharing the flow with another account that has send-as permissions. I have also tried using that other account's credentials to for the flow connections. Neither has worked.

When I gave myself send as permissions for other accounts, and specified the send as field in the flow, the flow did go through. This is great, but I do not want to give my account send as permissions for my whole organization.


At this point, I'd like to configure the flow natively from another user's account that has send as permissions for the whole organization. Does anyone know how to "copy" or export and import a flow? Alternatively, does anyone know how to get the flow that I set up using my account, working to send as someone else, without giving me send-as permissions?


Thanks! And please let me know if further explanation is needed.


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Hello Zachary! Maybe you could Split your request on -i count 3- requests so that Otters could help with one task After another. In my case i suggest to overview the permission settings in your Account. It helps to create User groups in Office 365, so that your Admin Account can be in one Group (without send as permissions) and your Second Account in another Group (with send as permissions). Note that the highest Level of permissions in your Account is counting. Greets, Eva