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Hi all, I'm new to Power Automate and I'm having troubles searching for beginner guides around.

The task that I am trying to complete is:

1. To create folders in a SharePoint library

2. In each folder, there will be sub-folders, and each sub-folder will have various files.

3. Each folder should be limited to certain groups.

For the above, I have managed to use "Apply to each" to create them.


However, I'm having issues understanding how Permissions work in SharePoint, and how to grant access to different groups using Automate.

Is there a way to limit Permissions when creating a folder? Because when I created the folders using Automate, members of each folder automatically has access to the others.

And also, what does ID refer to in "Grant access to an item or a folder" in Automate?


Thank you very much in advance!

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And also, is there any ways to automate mass permission granting because each sub-folder have permission granted to different groups of people.

Hi @jonw98 


To clarify, do you mean you need to create this same set of folders/subfolders/permissions over multiple libraries? That is, is that why you wish to automate the process? I ask, because if this is something you're trying to do on a single library (but multiple folders with different permissions), then you might be better off with some sort of SharePoint permission management tool.

Hi@Sandy Ussia! Thanks for your reply.


Currently I am not sure if the whole library needs to be repeatedly created (on different accounts), but one thing is for sure is that the each sub-folder will always access granted to different groups. So I guess this will be the main issue now, which is to automate the granting of each sub-folder when it is created.

As for the SharePoint permission management tool that you have mentioned, are those 3rd party applications? And are there free versions of it?



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Hi @jonw98!


If you're looking for some basic guidance on the Power Automate actions which let you Grant Access to SharePoint items, @Laura Rogers devoted one of her weekly "Power Hour" webcasts to these actions when they first were introduced last summer. Check out her August 2019 video on this topic over in the Power Automate community forum:


Does this help you...?

- Sandy

Hi @Sandy Ussia,


I think the video is enough for now. Thanks!