Get User's information from Azure Active Directory

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I am new to Microsoft Flow.

Creating a flow which requires getting user's information from Azure Active Directory, like Manager name and email address.
How to get user's information from AAD?

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Hello! In ms Flow you can pull users information from Office 365 Users Connector. Greets, Eva

@PriyaRaskar there is an Azure AD Connector though it appears to only support retrieving a limited set of properties, including Mail and Mobile Phone, but not including Manager (Reports-To) or Department.


It's odd, you can set a user's manager or their department using Flow or Logic Apps, but there doesn't seem to be a way to retrieve their current values. 





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@ERobillard Thank you for the help Eli Robillard.
As you mentioned, I couldn't find a way to get Manager Name, but I found a work around to get Manager's email ID to send an email, which was the requirement.
I used Get Manager(V2) connector and passed User's email ID as User(UPN) and retrieved his manager's  email ID.

Thank you for the help!
As you mentioned, I couldn't able to retrieve manager's information, but found a work around to get manager's email and used it to fetch information.
I used Get Manager(V2) connector and passed email ID as User(UPN) to get user's Manager email ID.