Get Manager: how to react if there is no manager?

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Hello to all,


we have a Microsoft form for changes in our staff. This form has a field for the email-adress of the staff member. We want to have a flow that should send this form  to the Manager for approval.

There are two exceptions:

  1. it is a new staff member, then it should be send to the Manager of the one who filled the form.
  2. it is a staff member without Manager (the Boss himself, a exempted works council or other Special Person)

No. 1  is no real Problem because I have a field where I ask if it is a new staff member.

No. 2 is my Problem. If I ask with a connector for the Manager and the Active Directory has no entry, the flow fails.

How can I manage this?


Thank you


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@Annette Terzan You can use a parallel branch and a run after action for this. Set one of the branches to if failed and other to successful.

parallel branch flow.png


I tried this..... but it doesn't work.... it has an error and don't run in the parallel branch