generating a PDF and attach it to sharepoint list item is no longer working

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The below was working well yesterday but stopped working today.


I have a submit button to generate a PDF for a container >> then add the generated PDF inside the list item attachment control.


Here is the formula for the submit button:-

UpdateContext({varIsInProgressPrintForm: false});
        'PDF container',
        {ExpandContainers: true}
//the file to be added asa list item attachment
Set(varAttachment, { DisplayName: Substitute("Print Job" & Text(Now(),"yyyy-mmm-dd hh:mmm AM/PM") & ".pdf", ":","_"), Id: Substitute("Print Job" & Text(Now(),"yyyy-mmm-dd hh:mmm AM/PM") & ".pdf",":","_"), Value: Substitute(JSON(varWorkOrderPDF,JSONFormat.IncludeBinaryData),"""","")});

        "Error Submitting the Print form",NotificationType.Error,10000)
//clear our the attahcment variaible so the other attachent will be shown

and i set the following property inside the Attachment control item property:-




yesterday when i click on the submit button >> the PDF  will get generated and the form will be submitted then show the generated PDF as an attachment. also if there are other attachments, and i click on the submit button >> the list item attachments control will be cleared out temporary till the PDF is generated , then once i clear the varAttachment variable (last formula in my code), then old attachments and the new pdf will appear inside the attachment control.


But today when i click on the submit button, the form will be submitted, but the pdf will not get attached to the item. and i added the notifications for debugging, where the wired thing also is that the notification message =""5 " will not be shown, here is the notifications when i click on the submit button:-





any advice what is going on ? again this was working well yesterday and all the previous week. not sure why the PDF is no longer get attached to the list item

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