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I have a list with multiple items in it and those items are being displayed in a gallery. For example I have 6 images and one of them isn't rotated correctly so I have a button that changes image rotation but it changes the entire gallery selected images and not the specific one that is selected.


ImageRotation.None, UpdateContext({locRotate:ImageRotation.Rotate270}),
ImageRotation.Rotate90, UpdateContext({locRotate:ImageRotation.None}),
ImageRotation.Rotate180, UpdateContext({locRotate:ImageRotation.Rotate90}),
ImageRotation.Rotate270, UpdateContext({locRotate:ImageRotation.Rotate180}),

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@LukasSliuzas you can't change individual items within a gallery without it also changing all items in the the gallery. YOu would need to select the item, go to a different screen and edit the item there.


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