Forms flow missing items for update SPO

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I have a Flow that shoulr update a SharePoint list for each new item. The problem is that i can not select a field from Forms-data to update the correect SharePoint Iten. Except for the Title-field:

 Higlighting Title, all field from the Form can be selected:

forms sp ok.PNG

Hilglighting any other fields, the option to select from is gone. What do I do wrong here? 


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- Geir


form sp not ok.PNG

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Hi Geir,
Flow is detecting the type of the field you are in, and therefore, it only shows compatible data type fields. Probably "Fra Dato" is a datetime field type, as Submission Time field type.
Maybe you need some conversions (for example, in Forms many fields are submitted as strings and need to convert them to numbers, using int function, for example).
Hope it helps!