Form that submits a sharepoint list and email with link to a secondary form to update the list item.

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I have a form that a user can use to request information or support. The information supplied by the submission is sent to a SharePoint list for record keeping and an email is sent with useful information from the form. Their is a link to the full submission if the reviewer wishes to take a look. Based on the form choices, the email is sent to the necessary contacts to resolve the request. Their is usually a little back and forth and a resolution to the request. It works very well.


I would like to record the resolution and other bits of information in that same list item without requiring that someone be giving privileges and having them go into the SharePoint list to find the request and manually use the SharePoint list interface to update it.


My thought is a link in the original email to a secondary form to allow someone to input the resolution of the request. It would be one or more choice options and a text box. The form submission would then updates the existing SharePoint list item with the captured information. I am at a loss on how to have a link to this form populate in the original email with information that links it to the list item that is generated in the same power automate. The SharePoint List generation does happen first in the automation process. Then creating a form that can, with the original list id, update an existing SharePoint list.

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@edesposito the only way to link up the second form to the original list item is to ask the user to enter the ID number created when the first form is saved into SharePoint, and you'd need to add that ID into the email. Then use the SharePoint update item action in a second flow to update the item with the resolution details.


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Thanks for the reply.

Seems like a reasonable ask. A update rather than a create command is important information, thanks for including that. I know the step needs to come after the list is generated and before or during the email step. How do I call that ID and push it to the email?

I have also been looking another approach. Putting the list in a location I feel good about giving access and giving it a json customization making it more approachable. Is their a way I can create a link directly to the list item in that email? Again, I probably need to now how to get the automation to pull the ID generated from the earlier step so it can be put into a url.

I am not asking to be spoon fed code. I am fine if you send me links to existing pages. Just having difficulty finding the right reference material to do it myself.